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SPP SkinPackPro is a one-stop supplier for VSP vacuum skin packaging in the food packaging industry. With SPP, you get everything that is essential to a vacuum skin packaging project, including vacuum skin packaging machines, skin pack trays, paper cardboard, and skin pack film rolls. What’s more, we keep sharing tips, ideas, and trends in the vacuum skin packaging industry, as well as related machines and materials.

SPP SkinPackPro Products

vacuum skin packaging machine

Vacuum Skin Packaging Machines

Various vacuum skin packaging machines with different capacities and working types.

vacuum skin packaging trays

Vacuum Skin Packaging Trays

Vacuum skin packaging trays for different purposes are made of different materials.

vacuum skin packaging paper cardboards

Cardboards for Vacuum Skin Pack

Environmental-friendly paper cardboard, Logo-printing is available for brand building.

vacuum skin packaging lidding film

Vacuum Skin Packaging Film Rolls

Top lidding film rolls with different thicknesses, widths, and barrier properties.

Know more about VSP

What is vacuum skin packaging

vacuum skin pack

VSP vacuum skin packaging is a cutting-edge packaging technology that closely and tightly seals food products onto a rigid bottom container with a layer of thin and transparent film.

A completed vacuum skin pack consists of 3 components (from top to bottom):

  1. The skin pack film: Close the package and protect the product from direct contact with oxygen and moisture.
  2. The product to be packed
  3. The bottom container: Hold the product, and seal it with the skin pack film. It could be premade rigid plastic trays, rigid paperboards, or thermoformed rigid trays

Know more about VSP

What are the features and benefits of VSP vacuum skin packaging

Vacuum skin packaging is a special packaging technology that has many features and benefits the food industry in a variety of ways.

vacuum skin pack
#1 Restrain microorganism growth

Microbial growth is one of the main causes of food spoilage. Vacuum skin packaging evacuates the air and oxygen to restrain the growth of aerobic bacteria, mildew, mold, and yeast, so as to prevent or slow down food degradation.

#2 Prevent food oxidation

Fats and pigments in food are prone to oxidation reactions when in direct contact with oxygen, resulting in changes in the flavor and color of the food and reducing its appeal to consumers. And this oxidation reaction will also cause the loss of vitamins A and C, reducing the nutritional value of food. Vacuum skin packaging provides a vacuum storage environment so that food cannot be in direct contact with oxygen, thereby avoiding the occurrence of oxidation reactions.

#3 Attractive packaging promotes sales

The flexible and transparent skin pack film clings closely and tightly to the food product, so consumers can easily see the color and characteristics of the food they are about to buy, thereby enhancing purchasing confidence and promoting sales. The skin pack film firmly locks the food product to minimize the migration of liquids in and around the tray, making for a more appealing product on the shelf. Vertical display of the product is enabled which makes it more attractive to consumers.

#4 Minimize the use of preservatives

End consumers prefer the original flavors, taste, and color of food products, which require less use of preservatives. VSP vacuum skin pack is the perfect way to deliver on that promise without having to sacrifice product shelf life.

#5 Enhanced brand-building

Vacuum skin packaging is a strong brand-building tool because predesigned labels can be applied to the packages, and the rigid paper cardboard for VSP can be printed with the brand name, logo, and more information.

#6 Reduce packaging material waste

Vacuum skin packaging requires fewer packaging materials than MAP modified atmosphere packaging. Other than the skin pack film and trays, no need for soaker pads.
In the case of using film and paperboard, the packaging process is highly efficient and may be able to use less material compared to traditional packaging methods. The paper cardboard skin pack is more environmental-friendly and uses 70% less plastic.

vacuum skin packaging if often applied to meat, fish and seafood, cheese, ready meals

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