Cost plan for vacuum skin packages

Are you interested in initiating a vacuum skin packaging project for your food business, but wondering how much would it cost?
Are you worrying about the cost of skin packaging machines, skin trays/cardboards, and skin films?
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Vacuum Skin Packaging

We understand your concern to the cost plan when establishing a vacuum skin packaging project. In this article, let’s look into the topic, and hope it could be helpful to solve your confusion.

The composition of a vacuum skin packaging project

vacuum skin trays

The cost of a whole set of skin packaging project involves land cost, labor cost, vacuum skin packaging machine cost, skin packaging materials cost.

Land cost

The land cost of a skin packaging project totally relies on the local cost of land and government supporting policy. From our view, there’s nothing we can do. But of course, you can always choose skin pack machines according to the room space of your workshop.

Labor cost

Ordinarily, labor cost of vacuum skin packaging is related to the skin pack machines. Higher-price machines with more automation usually requires lower labor cost.

Vacuum skin packaging machines cost

Cost of skin packaging machine, includes not only the one-time cost for purchasing, but also future maintenance cost and downtime loss. Our vacuum skin packaging machines are quality guaranteed, and easy to maintain, make sure every penny you pay is worth it.
According to the packaging capacity required, we provide full range of skin packaging machines with prices from USD 1200 to 40000.

Vacuum skin packaging materials cost

A vacuum skin pack is composed of the top skin pack film, and bottom plastic skin pack trays, or cardboards. The cost of skin pack materials mainly rely on the unit weight and price of the plastic materials (PP, PE, etc).

An example to calculate the cost of skin pack materials

Here let’s take tray size 24*17*2 cm as an example to show the cost of vacuum skin package.

Vacuum skin packaging machine LSP350USD 1550 (doesn’t include shipping cost)
Skin pack tray 24*17*2 cmAbout USD 0.13
Skin pack film width 360 mm, thickness 120 μmAbout USD 0.1
TotalAbout USD 0.23 per pack

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