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We always supply high-quality dependable vacuum skin packaging machines, skin packaging trays and skin films to be helpful to your business. And you can have more!
Take a feedback video about our skin pack machine, we will pay you cash online.

It’s very much appreciated to have your video feedback about our vacuum skin packaging machines. We will pay USD 100-200 for your effort.

We hope your video:

  1. Time length between 45 – 100 seconds, any longer is appreciated, but please at least 45 seconds.
  2. High resolution: At least 720 P
  3. Language please in English
  4. You or your staff are in the video and clearly presents the usage of the skin pack machines, or give your feedback to the machine
  5. Our logo must be presented
  6. We have the right to post your video at our website and social medias
  7. Send feedback video to us only, we will pay about USD100-150 according to the quality, after we audit it. If your video doesn’t pass our audit and you are not get paid, we will never post the video to anywhere.
  8. If you post your feedback video to your Linkedin network and share our website link, we will pay $25 (Linkedin connections 500-1000), $50 (Linkedin connections 1001-2000), USD100 (Linkedin connections 2001 and more). Only 1 Linkedin post for each transaction.

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